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About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

Our mission is simple; To make plumbing easy for everyone, supplied quick, simply, at low prices, and with a smile which keeps people coming back. We are a people business, and we have strong values which we like sharing with our customers. These are:

  • We love our customers.
  • We support each other.
  • We keep it simple.
  • We’re open to everyone.

We hope our customers enjoy dealing with us. But if something is not right, we’re very open to feedback and welcome an opportunity to make it better. We can’t do it without our customers!


Why is priority plumbing Great?

Priority Plumbing has been set up with you in mind. Our team has been in the trade for years and we get it. You start early, so do we (as early as 6.30 on weekdays). You work late, so do we. You work weekends, so do we. You don’t want to hang about, you don’t have to. In and out, quick and easy. You don’t want an account, you don’t need one.

We know what you need to get back on the job, we get it. You are our Priority.

Come down to Priority Plumbing for a cuppa and all your plumbing needs


Responsible Sourcing

Priority and SGBD are very aware of its responsibilities as a Responsible and ethical supplier and has a robust process in place to evaluate its supply chain to ensure that there are no instances of human rights abuse, child or slave labour.

It is also complaint with the Modern Slavery Act (2015) which requires suppliers with a turnover of over £36 million per annum to produce an annual statement and have a due diligence process in place to assess the risk of Modern Slavery in its supply chain. Our Modern slavery statement can be viewed via the attached link.