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Altecnic Bom Thermostatic Mixing Valve 22mm

ID PA100824

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An Altecnic Bom Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a central cog in the workings of the hot water distribution system in your property, helping to achieve a consistent temperature within each of your bathrooms and sinks.

Thermostatic mixing valves are used to blend the hot and cold water supply ensuring a pleasant temperature is achieved at every outlet within the home. Higher temperatures can be released to accommodate washing and cleaning requirements when required.

This product is also a vital safety element within your property, reducing the temperature of your hot water supply at the tap to deliver a safe level of around 40 degrees Celsius. Hot water supplies are often heated up to 60 degrees Celsius to inhibit the growth of organisms and bacteria, but this temperature would be dangerous should it come into contact with your skin. The thermostatic mixing valve helps minimise the risk of scalding by combining hot and cold water for the best temperature.

The 22mm Altecnic Bom Thermostatic Mixing Valve is also MV2, TMV3 and WRAS approved to reassure you it has been tested to the highest levels.

Choose a thermostatic mixing valve to combine safety and comfort when it comes to hot water in your home.

Product Name Altecnic Bom Thermostatic Mixing Valve 22mm
Brand Altecnic
Product Type Mixing Valve
Manufacturer Part Number CA-100824