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Copper Tube 15mm x 2m


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Copper pipes are the perfect choice for central heating and plumbing systems, and there are many advantages of choosing our Copper Tube 15mm x 10m.

This durable and extremely strong product is resistance to oxidization, is highly malleable and is manufactured to exacting quality standards. It resists heat, corrosion, pressure and fire and is the industry benchmark material for all hot and cold water systems, and gas piping within commercial and domestic systems.

There is no competition when it comes to choosing the pipe that is ideal for your requirements. Some of its benefits include that it withstands rapid pressure and temperature changes; it performs well in all weather and is it easily thawed; it resists punctures and abrasions and does not get brittle with age; it does not burn or give off smoke or toxic fumes when exposed to fire; it’s virtually maintenance-free; and it’s impermeable to contaminants from penetrating its walls.

You can rely on our copper tube to work efficiently, safely and to be durable and reliable within your central heating or plumbing system or for whatever application you are using it for. That’s why it’s the first choice for all professional tradesmen and homeowners.

Features And Benefits
  • Copper tube is strong, durable & resists damage
  • Copper tube has no rivals when it comes to proven performance
  • Suitable for all domestic and commercial hot and cold water installations
  • Can be used in gas installations
  • Copper resists heat, corrosion, pressure & fire
Product Name Copper Tube 15mm x 2m
Brand Wednesbury
Product Weight 0.56 kg
Product Length 2000.0 mm
Diameter 15.0 mm
Thickness 0.7 mm
Product Type Copper Tube 15mm
Manufacturer Name British Made
Manufacturer Part Number X015L-2
Warranty Period 25 Years