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Heatrae Megaflo Eco Indirect Cylinder 145L 145i

ID HH050465

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The Megaflo Eco Indirect 145L Cylinder is a great option for satisfying your hot water requirements at home. Manufactured to a very high standard using the latest materials and production techniques, it boasts numerous innovative features designed to ensure high levels of operating efficiency and durability. The lightweight yet remarkably robust construction makes the Megaflo Eco easy to handle on site, making positioning and installation as simple as possible.

The Megaflo Eco is constructed with Duplex stainless steel, which provides maximum strength and corrosion resistance, especially in aggressive water areas. Duplex is a low carbon, high chromium content alloy, which resists all forms of corrosion, pitting, crevice corrosion, uniform corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. To ensure a completely robust product, a special post-weld process is used, giving the welded area the same level of corrosion resistance and mechanical strength as the parent metal.

To ensure the highest possible quality, every unit is pressure tested in the factory to 15bar. This is five times the normal operating pressure and makes the Megaflo Eco suitable and safe for all domestic and a wide range of commercial applications.

Keeping to the highest standards in every area of manufacturing and production, the Megaflo Eco provides brilliant, lasting performance which you can rely on.

Features And Benefits
  • Performs at low pressures down to 1 bar
  • No anode, eliminates costly anode maintenance
  • Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water
  • High performance coil in coil heat exchanger
  • Complies with future Energy Related Products Directive
Product Name Heatrae Megaflo Eco Indirect Cylinder 145L 145i
Brand Heatrae
Range Megaflo Eco
Product Weight 35.0 kg
Product Height 1229.0 mm
Product Width 579.0 mm
Volume 145.0 l
Product Type Indirect Unvented Cylinder
Manufacturer Part Number 95050465
Warranty Period 99 Years
Hot Water Energy Rating B
Output Power 3.0 kW
Storage Volume 145.0 l