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Honeywell Differential By-Pass Valve 22mm


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The DU145 Automatic By-Pass Valve combines innovative design with tried and tested engineering to ensure the best possible water flow control for your home. The design also helps to reduce overall system noise and maintain an even pressure.

Produced by Honeywell, with ease of use in mind, the valve features a unique mechanism which allows for easy installation and adjustment when fitted. It also has a lockable set pressure, which helps to prevent any accidental pressure changes in your system.

The DU145 only allows flow through the bypass when it’s really needed, which helps you to save energy and reduces unnecessary wear on your system. When open, the high capacity flow can process up to 50 litres of water per minute, meaning it can hold its own in a great range of systems.

To make installation as simple as possible, Honeywell built these valves with 22mm compression fittings, which is an industry standard size. This means that the valve is compatible with a huge range of products and is designed to fit straight into your system at home.

The valve features a wide differential range, with a 0.1 to 0.6 bar, which helps you to easily monitor your system and make necessary adjustments when needed.

Designed with both the fitter and user in mind, the DU145 provides solid, lasting performance and a large range of additional benefits. Easy to install, easy to adjust and very easy to live with, Honeywell have produced an Automatic By-Pass Valve which performs perfectly, helps you to save energy and reduces wear on your system.

Features And Benefits
  • Unique and simple adjustment mechanism
  • High capacity flow - up to 50 litres per minute
  • Wide differential pressure range 0.1 to 0.6 bar
  • 22mm compression fittings for ease of installation
  • Reduces system noise and maintains an even system pressure
Product Name Honeywell Differential By-Pass Valve 22mm
Brand Honeywell
Product Type Automatic By-Pass Valve
Manufacturer Part Number DU145-3/4B
Warranty Period 12 Months