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Honeywell Wireless Eco Room Thermostat DT92E

ID HH2E1000

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Produced by Honeywell, the DT92E is a wireless digital thermostat designed to keep a close control of your gas or oil boiler system, under floor heating, electrical heating and zoning systems. The DT92E uses the latest energy saving technology and a simple, user-friendly interface to provide a straight forward and effective operation. Designed by Honeywell, who are known for their innovative designs, its subtle, modern look is unassuming and will look and perform beautifully regardless of your home’s character.

One of the stand-out features of the DT92E are its wireless capabilities. Featuring a 30 metre range, 2 way wireless communication and a signal strength indicator, Honeywell have designed a thermostat which brings temperature control firmly into the 21st century. This is also a TPI, or Time Proportional & Integral control product, which aids your boiler in becoming more efficient and helps to maintain a much more accurate temperature control.

With energy costs rising, Honeywell have designed the DT92E to not only be as efficient as possible, but to actively help in decreasing your energy bills. The ‘ECO’ button gives timed setback or boosts temperature to help keep costs down and the ‘OFF’ setting can be adjusted to give frost and hyperthermia protection. The thermostat also has a ‘self-learning’ or adaptive capability, which remembers your preferences and makes fine adjustments to keep your home at your perfect temperature.

The DT92E combines the latest technology with stunning design to give control of energy outlay back to who it matters – you. The wireless capabilities and simple interface enable you to control every aspect of heating your home and can even help to keep the bills down.

Features And Benefits
  • Slim modern design
  • Energy saving features such as timed set backs
  • Temperature boosts at the touch of a button
  • DT90 - Up to 4 years battery life
  • DT92 - Up to 2 years battery life
  • DT92E
Product Name Honeywell Wireless Eco Room Thermostat DT92E
Brand Honeywell
Range Thermostat
Product Height 122.0 mm
Product Depth 108.0 mm
Product Type Thermostats
Manufacturer Part Number DT92E1000
Warranty Period 12 Months
Voltage 230.0 V