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Priority Plumbing Underfloor Heating Pack 3 31-40m2


£759.08 inc VAT £632.57 ex VAT
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The Priority Plumbing Underfloor Heating Pack 3 provides 31-40m2. Ideal for larger spaces.

There are considerable benefits of choosing an underfloor heating option. Firstly, you will soon notice how cost effective it is. Low running costs can only be a good thing.

Your comfort is assured. With even heat spread throughout, this will definitely impress. Aesthetically, underfloor heating is a superb choice too. It gives you freedom of interior design.

Finally, underfloor heating is also good for the environment. Lower fuel usage, not only saves you money, but also creates lower CO2 emissions.

Pack 3 of The Priority Plumbing Underfloor Heating Pack cover 31-40m2, saves on cost and gives you plenty of comfort.

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Features And Benefits
  • Cost Effective (Low running cost)
  • Comfort Heating (even heat spread throughout)
  • Environment (Lower fuel useage = Lower CO2 emissions)
  • Aesthetics (freedom of interior design)
  • Silence (virtually silent when running)
Product Name Priority Plumbing Underfloor Heating Pack 3 31-40m2
Brand Maincor
Product Weight 25.0 kg
Product Height 900.0 mm
Product Length 900.0 mm
Product Depth 300.0 mm
Product Type Pack 3
Manufacturer Name Maincor Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number PPP3
Warranty Period 10 Years
Output Power 4.0 kW