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Saniflo Sanitop Macerator Pump

ID IE161105

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The Saniflo Sanitop Macerator Pump is the ideal quiet and compact solution for bathrooms anywhere in the home - with minimal fitting and construction. 

This unobtrusive unit features vibration reduction for a much quieter motor, making it ideal for en-suites or loft conversions where noise really needs to be kept to a minimum. The compact pump can dispose of waste from one toilet and one wash basin.

When you flush a connected toilet, it activates a micro-switch in the pressure chamber, which then starts the motor. The macerator blade then turns the waste into slurry so it can easily pass through the pipework without causing any blockages.

Through the pipework, the waste and water from a toilet and wash basin can be pumped through the powerful motor system up to 5m vertically and 100m horizontally.

The Sanitop is a system that is used to install a half-bathroom up to 12 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack. There are floor fixing lugs provided with the unit to prevent it from moving around. You'll need to ensure there is adequate space to reach the pump unit in case of servicing requirements.

Features And Benefits
  • Powerful macerator accommodates WC plus basin
  • Pumps vertically to 5m
  • Pumps horizontally to 100m
  • Ideal for adding a bathroom anywhere in the home - from garage conversions to loft renovations
  • Waste pumps through 22mm small-bore pipework
  • 400W power consumption
  • 190mm depth required behind WC
Product Name Saniflo Sanitop Macerator Pump
Brand Saniflo
Range Sanitop
Model Number 1002
Colour White
Product Type Macerator
Manufacturer Part Number 1002
EAN 03308815074061